Faculty of Foreign Languages and Pedagogy specializes in training bachelors of English and French with ability to:

1- teach foreign languages in colleges, vocational training schools, high schools, and language centers,

2- perform interpretation and translation in the field of technology and science,

3- manage functional departments of economic - technical units or English/French speaking social organizations.


Main activities

-  Training bachelors of English and French both mainstream and in-service;

-  Teach English and French for non-major and post-graduate students of all the faculties of Nong Lam University;

-  Study language learning and teaching approaches;

-  Develop international cooperation, lecturer and student exchanges.



Rewarding achievements Faculty of Foreign Languages and Pedagogy was founded in January 2001. Every year, 120 mainstream and 100 in-service students of English enroll in the Faculty. The students are oriented in 3 majors: language teaching, management and interpretation-translation.


The curriculum provide students with updated career orientation and good preparation of knowledge and skills for jobs. Unlike other domestic language bachelor curriculum, all major subjects of the Faculty are taught and learnt in English and French.


In the academic year 2008-2009, the French bachelor program has an agreement with François-Rabelais University (Tours-France). By this agreement, François-Rabelais University sends its lecturers to the Faculty for teaching, training French teachers, for acceleration of researching and student exchange.


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