The FFL-TE formulates the statement of Vision, Missions, Strategic Objectives and Philosophy of Education as follows:


Vision: By 2035, FFL-TE will have become one of the prestigious institutions in English language teaching and technical education in Vietnam and South East Asia.



Mission: FFL-TE provides well-trained and highly qualified human resources majoring in English language studies and technical education.


Strategic objectives: The FFL-TE ​​continues to offer and upgrade undergraduate programmes to train human resources being capable of (1) researching and teaching English as a foreign language (EFL)​​ at different educational institutions (2) working as translators and interpreters in science and technology majors, (3) working as office workers for businesses in which English is used as a mean of communication. (4) working as teachers of technical education in public and private high schools and vocational schools.


Philosophy of Education: The education of the FFL-TE emphasizes“Integration, Autonomy, Responsibility”, with the implications as follows:


- Integration: having ability and willingness to proactively integrate into a working environment in the most positive way,working effectively with others, flexibly adapting and applying their professional competence into working place, and unceasingly improving new knowledge and updated technology throughdiscovery, interaction and creation,


- Autonomy: having a strong sense of self-efficacy, applying critical and creative thinking in their study and work, having effective self study and strategic plans to achieve their set goals;


- Responsibility: being responsible to oneself, continuallyself trainingfor better competence and values, responsible to others and community for their involvement at different levels.

These values are the program expectations and also the qualities to be practiced in teaching -learning, andworking culture of the Faculty.




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