Academic Year 2019-2020

1.       Lê Thị Tiểu Phượng, Lê Thị Ngân Vang.(2018). Implementing Communicative Language Teaching to an EFL course: a Focus on the Teacher Roles. 2nd International TESOL Conference, USSH, November 23-24, 2018.

2.       Lê Thị Ngân Vang, Lê Thị Tiểu Phượng.(2018). Teachers’ Difficulties in Implementing Communicative Language Teaching to EFL Classes at Nong Lam University. 2nd International Conference, HCMC-Nong Lam University, December 12-14, 2018.

3.       Dương Mỹ Thẩm, Trần Thị Hoàng Trang, & Trần Quốc Thao (2019). Eleventh graders' actual use of English listening learning strategies at Duong Van Duong high school. VNU Journal of Foreign Studies, 35(1), 114-130. 

4.       Bùi Thi Thục Quyên, & Dương Mỹ Thẩm (2018). Building a positive learning environment to enhance the initiative of language major students when communicating in English. Scientific Journal of Saigon University, 59, 54-61.

5.       Trần Quốc Thao & Dương Mỹ Thẩm (2018). The difficulties in ESP reading comprehension encountered by English-majored students. VNU Journal of Foreign Studies. 34(2), 151-161.

6.       Trần Quốc Thao, & Dương Mỹ Thẩm (2018). Model of teaching intercultural communication for English learners. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 4(4), 560-570.

7.       Dương Mỹ Thẩm, & Châu Thanh Nhã (2019). English listening comprehension problems perceived by English majors at the Saigon International University. International Conference on Teaching English, Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC University of Technology and Education, 25-27/4/2019.

8.       Dương Mỹ Thẩm (2018). EFL Learners' perspectives on the use of video in a Business Communication Course. ICELS 2018, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand, 3-4/8/2018.

9.       Võ Văn Việt (2018). Measuring the adaptability of first-year students to the university environment: A study at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, VNU Scientific Journal, Vol. 34, No. 3 (2018) 1 – 13.

Conference proceedings

10.    Dương Mỹ Thẩm, & Nguyen Ngoc Anh Thi (2019). The frequency of state nominalization in research articles written by Vietnamese and native English writers. HCMC University of Technology and Education, 25-27/4/2019. 

11.    Dương Mỹ Thẩm (2018). A critical look at factors influencing students' English speaking skill at Nong Lam University. The International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, HCMC Nong Lam University, 13-15/12/2018.

Academic Year 2020-2021

1.       Trần Quốc Thao, & Dương Mỹ Thẩm (2020). Insights into listening comprehension problems: Acase study in Vietnam. PASAA: A Journal of Language Teaching and Learning, 59, 77–100.

2.       Dương Mỹ Thẩm, Nguyễn Đặng Thị Cúc Huyền, Nguyễn Liên Hương, & Hà Thị Ngọc Thương (2020). Perceptions of first-year English language students about the importance of self-study: A study at Nong Lam University, HCMC. Journal of Science, Open University Ho Chi Minh City, 15(4).

3.       Dương Mỹ Thẩm (2020). The correlation of non-English majors’ use of resource management strategies with their academic achievement. VNU Journal of Science: Education Research, 36,1–10.

4.       Trần Quốc Thao, Dương Mỹ Thẩm & Huỳnh Thi Thiên Ngân (2019). Attitudes toward the use of TELL tools in English language learning among Vietnamese tertiary English majors. VNU Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 5(5), 581–596.

5.       Lê Thị Tiểu Phượng & Lê Thị Ngân Vang. (2019). The Teachers’ Roles Communicative Language Teaching Classrooms: A Case Study At Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City. Journal of Science - HNUE, No. 12, 2019.

6.       Võ Văn Việt, Cao Tấn Đạt. Quality of academic advising from the perspective of students. Journal of Science - HNUE. Vol 65 Issue.1 (2020), pp.13-21. DOI: 10.18173/2354-1075.2020-0011.

7.       Lê Thị Tiểu Phượng & Lê Thị Ngân Vang. (2019). Reducing Teacher Talking Time in Learner- Centered EFL Classes at HCMC Nong Lam University. International Conference VietTESOL, 10-12 October, Hue, Việt Nam.

8.       Nguyễn Đặng Thị Cúc Huyền (2019). EFL Learners’ Phonological Problems in TOEIC Listening Comprehension. VietTESOL International Conference 2019. Hue University, 11-12/10/2019.

9.       Vo Van Viet. Student’s adjustment to University and its relation to gender, residence and family factors. Conference Proceeding: International Conference on Business and Finance UEH ICBF 2019. 28/08/2019 Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. ISBN: 978-604-922-764-6. 

10.  Nguyen Dinh Nhu Ha, Nguyen Loc & Tran Tuyen (2021). Implementing task-based approach: A solution for teaching English speaking skillsProceedings of the 18th International Conference of the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (AsiaCall-2-2021), 621, 8-12. Amsterdam: Atlantis Press: ISBN: 978-94-6239-496-4; ISSN: 2352 – 5398 (CPCI/ISI-index to-be). DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.2991/assehr.k.211224.002

 11.   Nguyen Dinh Nhu Ha (2021). Grammar learning strategies of non-English majors at Thu Dau mot UniversityJournal of Social Sciences, 11(2), 125-137.

12.  Nguyễn Đặng Thị Cúc Huyền (2020). TOEIC Listening Hindrances Encountered by EFL Learners: A Focus on Lexical Features.  Proceedings of the International Conference on English Language Teaching 2020- ELT for Lifelong Learning in the New Decade (p. 215-235). Ho Chi Minh City: VNU-HCM Press.

Academic Year 2021-2022

1.       Lê Thị Tiểu Phượng (2022). Implementing Digital Tools in Teaching American Literature to English Majors. Viettesol International Convention, 2022.

2.       Dương Mỹ Thẩm, Nguyễn Đặng Thị Cúc Huyền (2021). The Role of Learner Autonomy and the Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies: University Students’ Voice.  Proceedings of the 9th Open TESOL International Conference 2021- Language Education in Challenging Times: Designing Digital Transformation (p. 255-276). Ho Chi Minh City: Publishing House of Economics.

3.       Huynh Trung Chanh and Vo Van Viet (2021). Attitude and motivation of students towards learning English: A study at Nong Lam University, Volume 66, Issue 5, pp. 33-44, HNUE Journal of Science

4.       Vo Van Viet and Huynh Trung Chanh (2021). Investigating the impact of individual differences on students’ English learning attitude and motivation, Volume 66, Issue 4, pp. 52-62, HNUE Journal of Science.

5.       Vo, V. V., Huynh, C. T. ., & Nguyen, B. T. (2022). An in-depth Analysis of Undergraduates’ Study Skills: A Study at Nong Lam University. Vietnam Journal of Education, 6(1), 69–79. https://doi.org/10.52296/vje.2022.135

6.    Nguyen Dinh Nhu Ha, Nguyen Loc & Tran Tuyen (2022). Task-based approach: An overview. European Journal of English Language Teaching, 7(1), 1-10.

7.   Nguyễn Đặng Thị Cúc Huyền (2022). Making Video Clips in an EFL Speaking Course: A Case Study. VietTESOL International Conference 2022. September 16-18, 2022.


Academic Year 2022-2023

1.     Le, M. H. (2023). The Application of Critical Thinking to Short Story Analysis: An Experiment on a New Teaching Process. International Journal of TESOL & Education, 3(2), 60-75.

2.   Vo, V. V., Phan, T. L. A., & Huynh, . T. C. (2023). Language Learning Strategies Employed by Non-English Majors at Nong Lam University, VietnamVietnam Journal of Education7(1), 1–14. https://doi.org/10.52296/vje.2023.248

3.   Vo, V. V., Ho, V. C. N., & Huynh, T. C. (2023). Effects of study habits to learning outcomes (Research in University of Agriculture and Forestry Ho Chi Minh city). Journal of Educational Management Science, 1(37), 75-80.

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